The Time Machine – travel from the 1900 to 80.000

The ethereal Eloi and the subterranean Morlocks

author : H. G. Wells
first published in 1895, by William Heinemann – UK

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England – Victorian Era : A scientist has built a time machine and travels far to the future to find a degenerated human kind and a dying Earth.

The concept of time traveling has always fascinated people. Wells’ book has quite much a bitter taste which is not  surprising since somewhere inside us we all know that we have taken the wrong path. Abusing everything and everyone on “our” planet, working on a science that loves to disassemble body and mind than go along with our nature.
However, I would prefer to leave this aside for now and just focus to this gentleman’s strange adventure. Hop in his Time Machine and travel in the future. And remember : Don’t forget to come back.

illustrator : Frank R. Paul

illustrator : Brian Weaver





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