The tribulations of Tommy Tiptop

The law of kindness

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published by Myra & Son, c1893, England — London

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digital copy source : George A. Smathers Libraries
Source Institution and Holding Location : University of Florida

Tommy is a little boy who believes that torturing and killing animals and insects is fun, but when he falls asleep at night he enters in a world in which everything is reversed and finds himself in the position of his victims. He takes a lesson : the law of kindness, in plain words, he is going to enter the Twilight Zone.

from the book’s preface :
Our duty towards others, and especially towards animals is now so seldom insisted on, that little apology is needed for bringing an old-fashioned principle before our readers. The object of this book is to show that all unkindness towards the animal creation merits -if it does not at all receive- punishment, and that to obey the law of kindness is our duty as well as our happiness.
M. B.






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