The Tartar steppe – buried dreams

Il deserto dei Tartari
A military glory – the bitter, foul taste of an expectation

author : Dino Buzzati
first published in 1940


Drogo, a young officer, has been dispatched to serve on the isolated Fort Bastiani overlooking the vast desert. The other soldiers are talking about the upcoming invasion of the barbarians, who nobody has ever seen. The years go by, and life at fort swallows him up, merging him with the surroundings. “There will be no hard tasks’ they said and they were right. It is a life with no challenges.
Drogo, doesn’t know it yet, but he is going to lose everything.


Get out, before is too late!

This is a strange and sad book, influenced by Kafka’s “The Castle”. Buzzati claimed that he conceived the novel while stuck on the night desk at the Corriere della Sera.
A haunting story about how sometimes the promise of an exciting experience can make us lose of everything we could possibly get from life. How we can fade in somebody else’s dream, never taking the courage to escape.


Dino Buzzati with his dog Napoleon






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