The story without and end

A journey of discovery

author : Friedrich Wilhelm Carove
illustrations : Frank Cheyne Pape
Publisher : New York, Duffield
date : 1913

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A boy lives alone in the middle of a forest. Insects bring him all the good things for breakfast. He talks to them all, finding that they have different personalities. One day he goes off with his beloved dragon-fly, but they get lost. The spiders knit him a cobweb bed, the fireflies light his way, and his other insect friends come to his aid in various other ways.

In this classic of children’s literature, a child takes an idyllic journey of discovery through the natural world. Generations of readers have joined this innocent youngster in his dreamlike adventures . The narrative is twee, but not overtly pious. It is hardly educational in any straightforward sense except in so far as it identifies and characterises various inhabitants of the forest, however The Story Without an End is not like the usual animal stories of the early nineteenth century which simply cast animals as the characters in what were otherwise conventional moral tales.

The child tals to the drops of water

The Rose greets the Child

The child tries to catch the little lamb

The child tries to catch the star

The Harebell and the Dragon Fly

The mouse and the lizard talk to the child

The red corn Poppies laugh at the larke




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