Northanger Abbey

author :  Jane Austen
illustrator : H.M. Brock
publisher : John Murray, Albemarle Street
date : 1817

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 A satire of the Gothic novels, popular at that time (1798–99), was Initially titled ‘Susan’. Austen sold it in 1803 for £10 (an amount equal to Austen’s half-yearly allowance) to Crosby and Co, but he never published it. After six years of waiting, Jane Austen tried to buy it back and give it to another publisher but she could not afford it. Finally after seven more years, her brother Henry found the money and bought it. Austen worked on it again, polishing it, before giving it to another publisher. During those 13 years the book was resting on a shelf, another book titled “Susan” was out and the title had to be altered. The writer changed  the name of her main character from Susan to Catherine.
The Novel continued its long and sad journey, went through more delays, and was finally published  under the title of Northanger Abbey, along with “Persuasion”, by her brother Henry, in December, 1817, after Austen’s death. In her lifetime, she had found a solid wall in every effort she made to sell her books, but today, her work is at last recognized, her sharp pen, one of the best in classic English literature.






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