Greek ABC book – The sun shines again

A time of innocence

author : Epaminondas Gerantonis
illustrator : Kostas Grammatopoulos
published in Athens, 1950

Greece – school year 1949-1950. Times are turbulent, schools were running under difficult circumstances because many teachers were gone during the Second World War and the Greek civil war. The students of the first grade received this beautiful book.  A primer which warmed the hearts of children for many generations. Scenes of simple life, the joy to be a child, not a rich one but one who can rock a doll at night or play outside with friends. A child who can see an opportunity to play when the wind blows hard, running with a paper windmill at hand.
The value of the book is not just sentimental but is also a source of information about life in Greece in 1950. When other countries were enjoying a boosted economy, Greece, was still recovering from the War, having lost everything. Wait! not everything…

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