The Flowers of Evil – exiled on earth

Les Fleurs du Mal

author : Charles Baudelaire
illustrator : Federico Beltran Masses
first published in 1857
publisher : Auguste Poulet-Malassis, Paris

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Scarlet for me

Federico Beltran Masses (1885 – 1949) was a Spanish painter from Cuba. His work, often erotic and controversial, has been in some occasions, censored. Salome was withdrawn from exhibition in London and La Maja Marquesa was branded immoral by the Madrid exhibition committee.

Scarlet for you

Today it is recognized as a masterpiece, however, when the book was published, the French government initiated an action against the author, and the court demanded that six poems be deleted from the book on moral grounds. Baudelaire was tried for offenses against religion and public decency.
Intense, rebellious, tortured, shocking, Baudelaire’s personality leaps out of his poems and as you reader, go through them, you are going to experience chaos and despair, both, ingredients of life.





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