Faust – illustrated by Willy Pogany

author :Johann Wolfgang von Goethe/Percy Bysshe Shelley/Abraham Hayward
illustrations : Willy Pogany
Publisher : Hutchinson & Co. London
date : 1908

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Prologue in Heaven

Faust and the Spirit of the Earth

Before the Gate

Under the Lime Tree

Faust, Wagner and the Poodle

Mephistopheles appears to Faust in his Study

Mephistopheles and the Student

In Auerbach’s Cellar

Witch’s Kitchen

Faust and the Magic Mirror

Faust drinks the magic Portion

Faust meets Margaret in the Street

Margaret adorns her self with the Jewels

Mephistopheles in the Neighbour’s House

Faust and Margaret in the Summer-House

Faust and Mephistopheles in the Cavern

Margaret at the Spinning Wheel

Faust and Margaret in Martha’s Garden

Margaret at the Well

Margaret supplicating the Mater Dolorosa

Faust and Valentine

The Evil Spirit tempting Margaret in the Cathedral

Witches descending the Brocken

On the Hartz Mountains

The Young Witch

At Oberon and Titania’s Golden Wedding Feast

Faust and Mephistopheles on the Common

Faust visits Margaret in the Dungeon

Faust disappears with Mephistopheles





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